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Businesses can save thousands by implementing three simple fraud protection steps.


No matter what, always call the person or organization to confirm all payment information received is correct before sending a Wire or ACH transaction.

This is extremely important especially when the transaction is a first-time payment or when being asked to change payment information you have had for years.

Always use contact information you know or have. Do not trust any contact information within the communication itself.


Instructions received via email should never be trusted in regards to payment instructions.

With so many company's moving their email systems to vendors like Microsoft or Google, compromised email accounts have significantly increased.

If you get an email from anyone providing payment instructions, remember to VERIFY.


Train your staff who originate Wires or ACH transactions on the need to VERIFY at all times.

Ensure staff are aware of the ever-increasing number of compromised email accounts and how these compromised accounts are routinely utilized by criminals to instruct them to send money to the criminal's accounts.

Building awareness of how criminals are using business communication systems is key to protecting your business from fraud.

In an event your accounts become compromised, contact your Mercantile Bank representative. Let’s work together to prevent fraud.

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