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Integrated Payables

Transform your AP department from a manual payment process to profitable automated solution.

Mercantile Bank's Integrated Payables is a web-based, integrated payments platform that can take a payment file from your accounting system and execute AP payments as a check, ACH or virtual card through a single online portal. By streamlining this process, Integrated Payables creates a new revenue stream while reducing costs and mitigating fraud.

How Integrated Payables Works:

Mercantile Bank Integrated Payables Process Flow

icon of a person Client
icon of a laptop Payment File
icon of a cloud Integrated Payables
icon of thumbs up AP Payments to Vendors

 Optimize the Payment Process

Execute multiple payment types like check, ACH and virtual card into a single electronic file.  Payments are optimized by electing the most efficient payment method accepted by the merchant.

  • Virtual Card - Integrated Payables utilizes virtual cards for card payments. Virtual cards are unique, single-use electronic credit card numbers that can be assigned to each invoice or payment.  This method allows for enhanced security and a faster settlement process.
  • ACH Payments - Send payments electronically directly to the vendor’s bank account on the date selected, providing a fast, secure payment process.
  • Paper Checks - Integrated Payables will service the printing, signing, stuffing, and postage and protect your checks by auto-enrolling you into Check Positive Pay.

 Reduce Costs

Reduce time spent printing and mailing checks. Migrating from checks to electronic payments can also lower costs and increase revenue.

 Fraud Mitigation

The Integrated Payables system has a complete infrastructure designed to provide extensive security and control over payment and remittance data. Positive Pay capabilities provide verification for printed checks, as well as encryption, authentication, and digital signature technology.

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