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International Payment Solution

Introducing a simpler, safer, smarter international payment solution.

We're excited to announce our new international payment partner, PayRecs.  With this partner we are able to offer:
  • A simpler user experience
  • Increased deliverability of payments
  • More secure payments
  • Automated workflows
  • Real-time rates of exchange
  • 24/7 ability to send payments
  • Ability to send and receive funds in foreign currency, if desired
  • Access via your same login credentials to online banking


User Guide


How to Add a Receipt



Tracking a Payment



How to Send a Payment




Customer Support Options

  • Email for assistance or call 800.453.8700 option 2
  • Resource Center
    • In the PayRecs app, click the question mark in the bottom right corner for interactive guides, video tutorials, FAQs and help desk articles.

PayRecs FAQs

These permissions are managed by administrative users of Mercantile Bank within the PayRecs platform. Typically the same users who are responsible for Online Banking permissions.

Changes and updates to limits are handled by Mercantile Bank within the PayRecs platform. Limits can be set per User and per Company. User limits cannot exceed company limits.

PayRecs uses state of the art security including in-app features like two-factor authentication (2FA), dual approval of new recipients and dual approval of outbound transactions.

All international recipient data is stored in the PayRecs platform.

You can edit recipient information directly in the PayRecs platform. Any modified recipient will require approval from a secondary approver prior to using.

Yes we require dual approval for your security.

Yes we require dual approval for your security.

Yes. Adding an email address allows you to send remittance information to your vendor as well as any special instructions or notes.

Customers can initiate payments 24/7. All transactions will be settled the next available business day based on time zones.

PayRecs captures this information. These additional details help PayRecs deliver your
payments faster and more reliably.

Most transactions can be reversed prior to secondary approval, but there may be a cost associated with this action. Once a payment has been approved by the secondary approver, it cannot be canceled or reversed.

You have up to six days to approve a transaction. If no action has been taken, you’ll be required to approve or cancel the transaction. Canceling a transaction may result in additional costs to you.

No. We lock your rates for you as soon as you create the payment so it will not change even if it takes your secondary approver time to approve the transaction.

In the case of non-standard currencies (e.g. INR and TWD), the rate will not be locked until the secondary approver takes action.

All transactions require online confirmation from a secondary approver.

Yes. PayRecs encourages dual approval processes for outgoing transactions and new recipients. These are handled online through PayRecs platform.

PayRecs instantly posts transactions to your accounts. This will show as a funds transfer on your account statement.

Both you and your recipient can see the details of the payment inside the PayRecs platform.

PayRecs validates recipient information as an added security and deliverability feature. If the information does not match the recipient’s bank details, it will not be accepted. In the event of rare cases where you have valid information, we will be able to create the recipients for you and still require someone on your team to approve the information.

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