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Meet Mercantile Bank's new virtual financial assistant. Get answers to your most important financial questions - quickly and conveniently, by text or voice - in the same channels you use everyday.


Get your banking done from anywhere.


How MercMoney helps you


Get Help with Banking

Need your routing number? The nearest atm? Branch hours? MercMoney has you covered.


Check Your Accounts

Always know where you stand with your checking, savings, and other account balances


Manage Your Finances

Review your income and expenses. Manage budgets and plan for the future with savings goals.

Things you can ask MercMoney

Try asking MercMoney any of the following questions. If you're using Amazon Alexa be sure to say "Alexa, open MercMoney" and if you're using Google home be sure to say "OK Google, talk to MercMoney".

  • Help with Banking
  • Accounts & Transactions
  • Financial Management

What 's my routing number?

Where's the nearest branch?

What time does Mercantile Bank close?

Mercantile Bank trusted security


Your security is central to us, and is an integral part of all of our services, no matter what device you use to access your accounts.


What questions can I ask with MercMoney?

You can ask MercMoney general questions about finance and banking, such as "What is principal?" or "Where is the nearest Mercantile Bank branch?" as well as specific questions about your account, such as: "What's my account balance?", "List my recent transactions", or "How much do I have left in my grocery budget this month?"

What benefits do I get using MercMoney?

It's accessible whenever you need it, through SMS, Google Home, or Alexa. Get answers to your banking and account questions and better manage your financial life with just a few taps on your phone or a voice command.

When can I access MercMoney?

You can access MercMoney any time! As long as you have an online banking account with Mercantile Bank, simply sign into your account using any of the chatbot channels (SMS, Alexa, Google Home) and you're good to go. That's the beauty of the bot.

How do I get started using MercMoney with SMS?

Text "Start" to 48131 and then click the link sent to your phone. After you connect and log into your Mercantile Bank account, you can start chatting with MercMoney.

How do I cancel, stop, or delete MercMoney using SMS?

The MercMoney Chatbot is purely responsive and only engages with you when prompted. To delete the history of your interaction with MercMoney, simply delete the conversation from your SMS application.

How do I set up MercMoney on Alexa?

To chat with MercMoney on Alexa, open your Amazon Alexa app on your phone and search for "MercMoney" in your skills section. Click "Enable" and it will guide you through activating the skill. Then say, "Alexa, open MercMoney."

How do I cancel, stop, or delete the MercMoney Chatbot on Alexa?

To delete the MercMoney Skill from Alexa, open your Alexa app on your phone and click the menu bar in the upper left corner. Click Skills, then click "Your Skills" in the upper right corner, and then click MercMoney. Once you've reached the MercMoney skill, click "Disable Skill".

Where can I find support for Alexa?

To communicate with Alexa Support, click the menu bar in the upper left corner in the Alexa app on your phone. Then click 'Help & Feedback' and scroll down until you see the 'Contact Us' section. From there, you can email or call customer service.

How do I set up MercMoney on Google Home?

To talk to MercMoney on Google Home, simply say "Google, talk to MercMoney" to your Google Home device. On your first time, you'll have to connect your Mercantile Bank account.

How do I cancel, stop, or delete MercMoney on Google Home?

Since Google doesn't enable or download their voice Actions, you don't need to do anything to deactivate the Action.

How can I contact a Google support representative?

After opening the Google Home app on your phone, click the menu bar in the upper left corner, and select the 'Help' button.

What are some things I can ask MercMoney?

You can ask MercMoney all sorts of questions about your money, including account balances, spending, savings, budgets, recent transactions and more. You can use this list to help get you started:

"What's my account balance?"
"What's my latest transaction?"
"Transactions for groceries"
"What's my net worth?"
"What was my income last month?"
"How's my spending?"
"What did I spend on restaurants last month?"
"How's my shopping budget?"
"What can I spend on groceries?"
"Where is the nearest ATM?"
"How far is the nearest branch?"
"What's my routing number?"
"What's a money order"
"How does a home refinancing loan work"

How secure is MercMoney?

We take the security of your personal and financial information very seriously. Your accounts through MercMoney are connected with your standard login credentials, and all of your information is safely encrypted with 256-bit SSL. Our servers meet the security requirements of the most demanding organizations in the world. This applies for SMS, Alexa, and Google Home. See below to learn more about Terms and Privacy for each channel.

How does this work?

The MercMoney Chatbot is a way to connect with your MercMoney account and access information through new channels of communication in addition to your online account. If you're already an Mercantile Bank customer with a MercMoney account, it's as simple as logging into your account through the Chatbot. If you aren't a MercMoney user yet, just click the MercMoney tab within Online Banking to get started!

How is my data protected?

All of your information is encrypted to the highest levels demanded by world leading organizations such as Amazon. Our servers meet the security requirements of the most demanding organizations in the world. Only you can connect your accounts through your secure MercMoney login.

How do you know it's me and not someone else?

To ensure it's you, we require that you log in to your online or mobile account before you can get started using MercMoney Chatbot. You can also set up a PIN for additional security.

Can someone else take over my account?

To prevent someone from taking over your account, it is important to use strong passwords, and ensure that those are not stored online, or where they could be accessed by other people. Avoid writing it down and leaving it where others might find it! If you're using a voice product to check on account details, you can set up a PIN for additional security. If you suspect your account has been compromised, please contact Mercantile Bank immediately.

Can someone else take money out of my accounts?

Absolutely not. The MercMoney Chatbot does not allow you or anyone else to transfer money into or out of accounts, or to make any kind of payments.

Do you have access to my contacts (through Facebook or Google/Gmail)?

MercMoney does not have access to contact information for any of your friends on Facebook or your Google contacts. MercMoney does not share any of your financial information or Chatbot activity on social networks.

Do any third parties store my conversations?

A third party such as Google or Amazon could anonymously store your conversations. However, they do not have access to your financial accounts or your login information.

Do you store my bank account number or other bank or financial account information?

When you connect your bank or other financial account, we encrypt and store that information so your account stays connected. However, the data is stored anonymously and securely, and we don't have access to it.

Do the messaging apps see my financial data?

In the same way that text banking works, the messaging app can see numbers that are given during the conversation. If you ask how much you spent on groceries last week, the messaging app will be able to see that number, but it will not have access to your financial accounts or any transaction details.

How do I cancel the service or unsubscribe if my phone is lost or stolen?

Please contact abeassist@abebank.com or call at 800.123.4567 and we will cancel your service.

Where can I learn more about using Alexa?

To read up on Security, Privacy, Safety, and FAQs about Alexa, click the menu bar in the upper left corner in the Alexa app on your phone. Select 'Help & Feedback', followed by 'Legal & Compliance', and select the field you'd like to learn more about from the list.

Where can I learn more about using Google Home?

To read up on Google's Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, open the Google Home app on your phone and click the menu bar in the upper left corner. Click 'Account Preferences' and select Terms of Service and/or the Privacy Policy.

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